The housing market is Corpus Christi is ripe for both buyers and sellers. Zillow’s Home Value Index shows a median value for housing in Corpus Chisti has risen more than 4.5% in the past year alone.
If you're looking to sell your home, you'll want your house to stand out to prospective buyers. One of the most effective ways you can do this is by properly staging your home. According to the best real estate agents in Corpus Christi, this small investment can do wonders to help you gain maximum offers for your house. Follow the six steps below to stage your home like a professional.

Understand the Proven Importance of Staging

Staging your home is an investment. It takes time, energy, and a financial element to properly stage your home. Understanding the importance of staging will help you become mentally-invested in the effort and inspire you to fully commit to the process.

Statistics gathered by the National Association of Realtors found that one-third of buyers’ agents believe staging a home boosted the value of the home between 1% and 5%.

Stage Top-Tier Rooms First

If you don’t have the time to stage your entire home, focus on the most important rooms. According to the survey mentioned above, the living room was found to be the most important room that buyers wanted to see staged. This was followed by the master bedroom and then the kitchen. If you can’t stage your entire home, focus on these three key rooms.

Bigger is Better

It’s true that bigger is always better in Texas. Maximize the space of your home by taking a full-steam-ahead approach to decluttering and minimizalizing the items in your house.

Removing all clutter and only keeping minimalistic furniture will make your house appear much larger. If necessary, invest in a storage unit while your house is on the market. This small investment will pay off when you receive a truly great offer for your home.

Take the Step to Depersonalize

It may sound like a difficult request, but depersonalizing your space can do wonders to help sell your home quickly and receive a slew of top offers. When a prospective buyer tours your home, theyrre looking for a house that they can transform into their next dream home.

Getting rid of personal items like excess family photos and décor that is highly personal can help them see your house as a blank canvas that they can begin decorating as their own. In fact, 77% of buyers’ real estate agents believed that staging a home helped the buyer start to see the property as their potential future home.

Partner with a Truly Great Agent

Not everyone can afford to hire a professional staging service before they list their home for sale. A truly great agent will work with you to analyze your home and provide expert insight on which rooms you should stage and how to maximize your effort to attract offers.

If you haven’t selected an agent, Effective Agents is an excellent way to receive a personalized list of top real estate agents that is curated to your exact needs.

Take Advantage of Location-Based Décor

Many prospective buyers could be looking to relocate to Corpus Christi. Take advantage of that key market by bringing in some Texas-influenced décor to showcase the lifestyle of the area inside your home. You may also want to bring in a few beach-related elements to remind potential buyers of Corpus Christi’s close waterfront proximity.

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